Hello Philippines! Hello Davao!

Hello Philippines!!!
We have just arrived in the country a few days ago.  I can’t believe how a few days had gone by so fast!  In just a few days we are leaving and travelling back to the US.
We have been out and about spending time with family and friends.  I wish I had more energy and don’t need sleep.  But the real goal for this trip was to really see my mom and brothers, while spending time with family who can make it to Davao.  It took us several flights just to get to Davao.  By the time we got in we were just so drained.   I think we slept for hours and didn’t wake up until night time.  The time zone difference was a struggle since there was about a 12 hour difference.   Our body thinks it should be night time while it’s bright and early in the morning.  Then by night time, I find myself looking for food because my body thinks it’s breakfast time.  We had to force ourselves to sleep the night before because we knew we had to be up the next day to spend more time with family and then with friends.

There was non-stop eating and non-stop chitchats with the family.  I met some new nieces and nephews that I’ve never met.  I saw my aunts and uncle.  I also hung out with my cousins.  Not everyone could make the trip to come see us.  But we’re so grateful to those who could make it.  They really made the time and the trip to come see us.  Some flew by plane and some rode the bus.  We are truly touched.

There were also so many photos!!  It will be quite a struggle to upload them all since there are just too many.  But I will try to upload them bit by bit.  For now, it’s time to have fun here in the Philippines!



Davao City, Philippines

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