Pinakbet, a Filipino Dish

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Pinakbet or pakbet is a Filipino dish made with several dishes sauteed together for a very nice savory meal.

This version of this pinakbet or pakbet only has the following ingredients:  pumpkin, string beans, bitter melon, vegetable oil, garlic oil, chicken bullion, soy sauce, salt and pepper.

Normally this dish would have shrimp paste or meat.  It should also have some eggplant and okra.  But I made some renditions today because these were the only ingredients I had in the fridge.  Although, I did have some shrimp paste, but my husband is not very fond of it.  So I had to make do without it for now.  I will post a recipe of this dish soon.  For now, I hope  you find these photos delectable.

Pinakbet 03/17/18


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